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Build Your IT Career with TechAgility

At TechAgility, we offer IT courses for beginners to help you gain relevant skills, get certified, and ignite your career. So, choose from live online courses, self-paced programs, and more.

Our interactive online classes offer IT courses for beginners, connecting you with IT expert instructors. Additionally, Learn key concepts, collaborate on projects, and get 1-on-1 mentoring—all remotely. Courses include QA automation engineering, business analysis, and coding boot camps for kids.

Learn at your own pace with our recorded IT Courses For Beginners. Furthermore, our self-paced programs allow 24/7 access and concept review as needed. Moreover, affordable pricing makes quality IT education accessible by offering IT Courses For Beginners.

TechAgility's Courses

At TechAgility, we offer IT courses for beginners to help you gain relevant skills, get certified, and ignite your career. So, choose from live online courses, self-paced programs, and more.

Why Techagility Is Better Than Other IT Training Companies?

Beginner-Focused Programs

Our courses are designed for those new to IT and coding. No prior experience needed.

Hands-on learning

Gain practical skills through real-world projects, coding exercises, and more.

Flexible Pacing

Self-paced IT Courses For Beginners allow you to learn on your schedule.

Affordable Tuition

Our prices are lower than many boot camps and colleges. Quality IT education is accessible as we offer various IT Courses For Beginners.

Mentorship Included

Get 1-on-1 guidance from instructors during courses.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have years of industry experience. They know how to teach complex topics to beginners..

Interview Preparation

We help you practice and prepare for the IT job interview process.

Internship Opportunities

Gain experience in the field through our internship program.

User-Friendly Interface

Our online platform is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Engaging community

Connect with fellow students for collaboration and accountability.

The Mission Is Clear

Since the beginning of Techagility LLC, the mission has always been transparent: to be distinctive from other IT firms and stick to our principles to do right in what they do wrong. Our mission is to do everything other IT firms still need to deliver for their clients. We have our processes of ensuring everyone gets to their destination whenever they come to our IT firm, and trust us to get them to the promised land of the IT sector! Join us and see the difference in our innovation compared to our competitors!

TechAgility Prepares You for IT Jobs

We provide interviews prep, resume building, and internship opportunities to help land your first IT role.we offer different  IT Courses For Beginners To Advance Level to excel in your career.

Resume Creation

Our experts help craft appealing IT resumes that get noticed.

Interview Preparation

Practice mock video interviews to master responses and build confidence.


Gain practical experience through our internship program for new IT professionals.

Word From Our CEO & Founder

Organically driven by a desire to help others, my inspiration began while onboarding a flight from Miami, FL, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. My inquisitive personality began to ponder the next move while I clasped my aluminum Pepsi-Cola can and heard the ice hissing inside the drink, creating bubbles. Hovering excitedly, I began to laugh and convey my idea to a friend about Techagility, “I want to create an IT consulting firm where I can help teach people IT skills and fast-track a career in IT”! Fueled with dedication in my heart and success in my mind, I have never looked back and kept consistently working towards one goal to bring Techagility LLC to life. I have created a blueprint formula for 100% Job Placement trusted by 50+ Technology IT-Companies and helped more than 125+ prospective students gain an opportunity to land a career in the convoluted world of the IT sector. Now, we have branched to Canadian Students, so people from all over the states reach out to us to access that same dream I had envisioned for my future clients and Techagility itself.


Aumit Islam

Founder & CEO, Techagility LLC

Hear from Our Happy Learners

At TechAgility, we make quality IT education accessible through flexible IT courses for beginners.Stay updated to our website for latest courses!

Abdul Choudhury
Abdul Choudhury
Being apart of tech agility was a great experience. There is a lot to learn. The instructors were always available. Classes were neat and organized. Aumit was always available and ready to explain things in further detail. Ask in all, it was a great experience with tech agility.
Tahura Zm
Tahura Zm
My experience with techagility is great ! Aumit and his team are Amazing. Aumit is such a humble person, he is always available for any question, concern or help. he explains everything in details give you real life example which makes things easier and you can understand better, he wants you to learn actual BA stuffs so you know what you are doing which is helpful while you facing interviews or talking to your recruiter, that will also help while you working as a BA, I learned a lot from tech agility. If someone is thinking to change career path techagility is the best option. Highly recommended !! But remember Aumit gives his effort so you get a job but you need to give your effort and dedication and here you will be with your dream job !
Jarin Fariha
Jarin Fariha
I am so exited to share my experience here after completing the three months session with Techagility.It feels like an actual care as they will keep you on track from the begetting to end. Amit will make sure that everyone understanding the topic in the class by reaching out each student personally. Every next class will start with an wonderful review of the previous class topic. I also found the group chat so helpful as the teachers will make sure that the students are doing good with their assignments or if they have any questions about the homework. This is so amazing how all topics are breakdowns elaborately for better understanding. You also have a chance to go over the classes as each sessions are recorded Honestly, I am So glad that I choose Techagility.
Nahid Islam
Nahid Islam
My experience with techagility was really amazing, everything they have taught me was very organized in a way I could understand what a business analyst does, if I have any questions to ask they are always there to answer my questions no matter what and all the instructors were always there for me when I didn’t understand something. I highly recommend anyone who want to change their life, start enrolling now at techagility.☺️👍
Nasim Miah
Nasim Miah
TechAgility provides a remarkable learning experience to prep and train you into a brand new field. The instructors are very knowledgeable and instill confidence when they teach during their lectures. They are also available to chat with at all times if you need help with understanding the material. Also, you will have access to all power-point presentations, notes and any course related material for you to look back on. The course comes with a variety of packages that suit your needs. You can elect into a Fast Track package or a 4 month package. TechAgility is also very flexible with your schedule and also provide great payment plans and options. Dont waste your time dealing with other agencies who dont have your interest in mind! TechAgility and their associates made sure that i was ready and confident enough to pursue a new career path. Thank you, and i look forward to many more success stories.
Halima Choudhury
Halima Choudhury
My experience with Tech agility was amazing. Everything was organized, detail oriented and understandable. Aumit is a very thoughtful instructor who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful and he takes time to explain and make sure that you understand and also asked questions, and if you don’t understand he uses examples to make sure that you get it. His way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember.I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning BA from Tech Agility.
Charlie Donohue
Charlie Donohue
Aumit was awesome, definitely recommend these guys. Everyone was super helpful and understanding, can’t thank them enough!
Tasmia Hoque
Tasmia Hoque
Techagility has great instructors and they are very hands on. Yogesh and Aumit were great. They explained everything very clearly and if you don’t understand they go over with you until you get it. They are also flexible with payment methods. They will help you from the start to end. Highly recommend Techagility.
Jobayer Khan Uday
Jobayer Khan Uday
That's one of the best school that I can say. Aumit and the whole team do a lot for each and everyone. They don't only make promises but also try to keep their words. They are a combination of dedication and hard work which helps their students to succeed on that field. I highly recommend them.
Munsif Ali
Munsif Ali
Aumit Islam was the best instructor ever and he made this experience so easy and smooth, the course alongside the recruitment team were well on top of their work and all questions were always answered right away. easy to understand the material and Homeworks were based on the workforce so it all aligned very well. I want to thank Aumit Islam and Techagility LLC from the bottom of my heart than you

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What types of IT courses do you offer?

We offer IT Courses For Beginners To Advance Level in business analysis, QA automation engineering, coding bootcamps for kids, and more. Our programs teach in-demand skills like Selenium, Python, Java, HTML/CSS, and more.

What is the difference between your live online and self-paced courses?

Live online courses connect you with an instructor in real-time for interactive learning. Self-paced allows you to learn at your own pace by accessing prerecorded material.

Do I need any prior experience to take your courses?

No prior experience is required! Our courses are designed for beginners looking to start a career in IT.

How long are your programs?

Most of our courses are 4-6 months long. Our kids coding bootcamp is 4 months.

Techagility in Numbers

Our learner community’s unwavering trust and confidence continue to propel our success story forward.

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