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AI Business Analytics

  • Requirements planning and management
  • Process modeling
  • Data analysis
  • Building business cases
  • Financial analysis
  • Agile methodologies
  • Presentation and leadership
  • Insurance Overview
  • Workers’ Compensation Overview
  • Commercial Auto Overview
  • Commercial Property Overview
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Overview
  • Specialty lines Insurance
  • Automation frameworks like Selenium, Test Complete, and more
  • API testing concepts
  • Programming languages like Java
  • Creating test plans
  • Defect tracking
  • Reporting tools and metrics
  • Programming basics with Scratch
  • Building websites with HTML/CSS
  • Coding games and apps with JavaScript
  • Logic through Python
  • Debugging skills
  • Computational thinking
  • Collaborating with peers

Build Your IT Career with TechAgility

Have you ever considered an IT career change into the booming tech industry but felt held back by your lack of experience? At TechAgility, we make quality IT education accessible through flexible, beginner-friendly courses in trending fields like business analysis, QA automation engineering, and coding.

Whether you want to start a new IT career or advance at your current company, our expert instructors will equip you with in-demand technical skills and industry connections to ignite your IT career.

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AI Business Analyst Course

Our comprehensive business analyst course equips learners to add value in this in-demand role across diverse industries. Over 4 months, gain expertise in:

Requirements Management

  • Elicit precise requirements from stakeholders using interviews, workshops, and surveys.
  • Write compelling user stories following Agile principles.
  • Track requirements in tools

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Extract, transform, and analyze data using Excel, SQL, and Python.
  • Spot trends and relationships using statistical techniques
  • Create dashboards and visuals to communicate insights.
ai business analytics

Building Business Cases

  • Perform market research and cost-benefit analysis
  • Develop financial models using ROI, NPV, and IRR.
  • Create compelling cases for change using PowerPoint.

Agile Methodologies

  • Apply agile values and frameworks like Scrum.
  • Participate in ceremonies like sprints and standups.
  • Collaborate with product owners and software teams.

QA Automation Engineer Course

This 4-month program equips learners to begin an exciting testing IT career at technology companies.

Core QA Concepts

  • Learn defect lifecycle, write test plans/cases, and execute test suites.
  • Understand roles like manual tester, automation engineer, and test lead.

Test Automation

  • Master Selenium for web testing
  • Practice frameworks like TestComplete and Ranorex
  • Automate API tests using Postman and REST Assured
QA Automation Engineer

Tools and Techniques

  • Write SQL queries to access and analyze test data
  • Perform assertion and exception handling.
  • Integrate tests with CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins.
  • Track defects in JIRA throughout the cycle

Real-World Projects

  • Automate tests end-to-end for web and mobile apps.
  • Perform defect tracking and detailed reporting.
  • Improve overall test coverage and software quality.

Coding Bootcamp for Kids

Our beginner coding boot camp introduces 8-16-year-olds to programming fundamentals in a fun environment.

Programming with Scratch

  • Create interactive games, animations, and stories.
  • Learn sequencing, loops, and conditionals through projects.

Building Websites

  • Structure content with HTML
  • Style pages with CSS and fonts, colors, etc.
what is coding for kids

Coding Games/Apps with JavaScript

  • Build browser games using variables, functions
  • Make interactive web apps responding to events.

Coding Logic with Python

  • Learn data types, operators, and conditionals.
  • Develop core logic skills to code in any language.

Flexible Formats Fit Your Busy Life

At TechAgility, we understand you likely have work or family commitments besides advancing your education. That’s why we offer flexible course formats to fit your busy lifestyle:

  • Live online classes – Attend interactive classes in real-time over video chat. Learn fundamental concepts, work on group projects, and get 1-on-1 mentoring – all without commuting!
  • Self-paced learning – Access prerecorded video lessons 24/7 to learn at your own pace. Review the material as many times as needed.

Whether you prefer learning with others or need a more flexible schedule, we have an option for you.


Why TechAgility Beats Other Training Companies

What sets TechAgility apart from other IT education providers? Here are a few standout benefits of our programs:

  • Beginner-focused – Explicitly designed for those new to technical roles
  • Experienced instructors – Our teachers have years of real-world industry experience
  • Hands-on curriculum – Learn through projects, exercises, and labs
  • Flexible pacing – Self-paced programs allow learning on your schedule
  • Lower cost – More affordable than boot camps or colleges
  • 1-on-1 mentoring – Get individualized guidance from instructors
  • Easy-to-use platform – User-friendly online classroom
  • Career support – Resume, interview prep, and internship assistance

TechAgility offers premium instruction at an accessible price point – making a high-paying IT career possible.


Launch Your IT Career Today

Are you ready to gain sought-after technical skills, get certified in your field of choice, and start a lucrative position in IT? TechAgility equips beginners with the knowledge, tools, and connections to confidently transition into roles like:

  • Business Analyst
  • QA Automation Engineer
  • Kids Coding
  • and more!

Browse our courses and start learning today. Our admissions advisors are happy to answer your questions and help you take the first step toward an exciting new IT career.

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