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Y. Kumar

(Business analytics instructor)

Y. Kumar (Business Analytics): Trainer has more than 17 years of experience in managing high value projects & products in Financial Market domain. He is Certified BA with experience in leading change initiatives across Investment Banking, Consulting and outsourcing industries with firms such as JPMC,RBS, FISERV Etc. His key focus areas has been around Portfolio Management , Program Management, Business Process re-engineering , Strategy Consulting and post merger integration


(Healthcare domain instructor)

I am Srijith and will be the Healthcare domain trainer for your BA Training. I come with an experience of 8+ years in Healthcare sector working with Healthcare Providers, Payors and Pharmaceutical companies. The need for domain training is due to the complexity of Healthcare systems which are intricate and multi-faceted involving stakeholders, regulations, and processes. The healthcare sector has its own terminology and domain specific languages. Since an interdisciplinary collaboration between physicians, care givers along with IT professionals is needed, it becomes mandatory for BA’s to understand the domain. Also Healthcare systems deal with patient sensitive data it becomes mandatory to be aware of HIPAA laws, Patient payment models etc. which becomes part of our domain training.


(Director of recruitment)

An industry veteran with over 12 years of invaluable experience in the dynamic realm of Information Technology. With a robust track record of collaborating with Fortune 500 companies.

A distinguished ISTQB certified QA professional, I have seamlessly donned various hats, excelling as a BA, Scrum Master, and Project Manager for over a decade. Possessing an innate passion for technical challenges, I thrives on unraveling solutions to intricate business problems, utilizing the power of collective brainstorming.

I have been fortunate enough to provide consultancy services to pioneering IAM Tech Startups such as Glasswall, EmpowerID, and Bravvox, contributing to their growth and success. With a keen eye for market trends, our expert meticulously analyzes the current job landscape, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the demands of the industry.

My duties extends to the nurturing of talent, adeptly grooming candidates for interviews and resolving intricate technical queries. For the past 2 years, I have been integral part of the Techagility family, witnessing and contributing to the remarkable transformation of the company into a trusted and esteemed brand.

Gary Thakur

(Business analytics instructor)

I’m Gary Thakur, and I bring 14 years of invaluable experience as a Business Analyst to the table. My journey in the world of business analysis has been a dynamic and diverse one. I’ve seamlessly navigated through the worlds of both agile and waterfall methodologies, having successfully performed in both small-scale and large-scale agile projects. My familiarity with Scrum and its ceremonies has enabled me to facilitate effective project management and collaboration.My professional canvas has been colored by the top IT companies featured on Forbes. I’ve made my mark in a range of industries, including healthcare, telecom, finance, insurance, and service-based applications. Each of these sectors has provided a unique set of challenges and opportunities for data-driven insights, and I’ve risen to the occasion every time. My extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and ability to translate complex data into actionable strategies make me a go-to choice for businesses seeking to harness the power of data. I’m ready to collaborate with you, whether you’re in healthcare, telecom, finance, insurance, or any other field. Let’s connect to explore the ways I can contribute to your project’s success. I look forward to the possibility of working with you on your journey to data-driven achievements.

Rahul Khanna

(QA automation engineer)

I have done my B.Tech in Computer Science.

Total I have 10 years of experience in QA Automation.

I have vast experience in creating automation framework from scrtach itself.
I have worked on Hybrid framework, BDD, Rest Assured.

I have worked on tools like Jira, Jmeter, HP ALM, Test Rail, Postman.

Worked on Java.
Also have basic knowledge of Python, unix.

In Techagility, I work as a Off class support for the candidates.
Whenever candidates faces any issue or have any queries with the material/topics they went through in the class they come to me for the resolution and i work with them tk get their concepts clear.

Once the course is done, I take their Mock interviews and make them ready for the market. We keep doing this interviews till the time we feel confident about the candidates.


(Software Developer)

Hello, I am Atashi, a seasoned Software Engineer boasting over 5 years of expertise in delivering training and job assistance to individuals based in the United States. My professional background spans experience with various domains, including Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and many more. Acquainted with the dynamic nature and work ethos of IT projects in the United States, I have collaborated closely with Aumit to craft optimal onboarding experiences. These efforts have consistently paved the way for successful career paths in the field of IT. My primary role involves training clients on technical subjects, preparing them for the intricacies of working in the US IT industry.

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