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P&C Domain Training Course

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The commercial property & casualty insurance industry has experienced immense change in recent years. Evolving customer expectations, the rise of innovative digital solutions, increasing claims costs, and disruptive new entrants have all combined to reshape the P&C commercial lines. For insurance carriers specializing in commercial property and casualty lines of business, keeping up with this relentless change has posed unique challenges.

While specialized commercial lines underwriters have adeptly managed complex risks for decades, many now find themselves perplexed by the industry’s rapid transformation. Long-established processes that once fueled steady growth need to be improved in today’s dynamic environment. The need to reinvent approaches that drive customer value has never been more urgent.

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About "P&C Domain Course" With Certificate

A Focus on the Future with P&C Commercial Lines

At Tech Agility, we understand the vital importance of cultivating flexible thinking for commercial line professionals amid ongoing upheaval. That’s why we created our innovative Specialized P&C Commercial Lines Training program – an intensive learning experience focused on cultivating the mindsets and methods insurers need to succeed moving ahead.


Across eight intensive modules delivered over six months, the program sharpens hard and soft capabilities. Participants gain hands-on experience applying modern data analytics to complex risk evaluation. Interactive case studies explore creative ways of adapting underwriting approaches to evolving client needs.


Modules also emphasize relationship management strategies for the digital age. Underwriters learn to skillfully navigate challenging conversations and build long-term partnerships through empathetic listening and clear communication.


The program fosters an experimental spirit, encouraging participants to challenge traditional assumptions. They explore nimble ideas for reimagining processes to maximize efficiency and convenience. Peer collaboration sessions allow for lively debate around forward-thinking solutions.


Throughout, underwriters develop a growth mindset geared toward continually exploring new fronts. They complete the program with renewed confidence to tackle industry changes – and help lead their organizations toward profitable new horizons.

P&C Domain Training

Embracing Uncertainty with Skill and Strategy

For P&C commercial lines specialists seeking to strengthen their resilience during disruptive times, our training offers a powerful blend of technical refresher and mental flexibility training. It helps underwriters embrace the unknown without fear but with informed strategic thinking.

Modules like “Data: Bridging the Information Gap” equip participants to turn unpredictability into opportunity. They learn to leverage internal and external data sources to identify small shifts that herald larger trends proactively. Interactive assignments apply analytical tools to probe complex risks from new angles and surface hidden insights.


Relationship management skills are also sharpened to ensure underwriters can skillfully guide business partners through periods of uncertainty. Targeted client situations teach participants to engage in empathetic, solutions-focused discussions that build trust. Role plays provide practice addressing sensitive issues with compassion.

Maximizing Specialization through Adaptability

In an industry undergoing a dizzying transition, commercial lines experts must avoid losing sight of their core strengths. Our program is designed to help underwriters leverage decades of specialized expertise while cultivating adaptability.

Modules like “Reimaging Distribution Models” encourage participants to reflect on competitive advantages built through years on the job. Interactive lessons then guide the practical application of deep situational knowledge to new distribution channels. Underwriters workshop big picture strategies for integrating niche specialization into revamped customer experiences.


The program also stresses the importance of lifelong learning among specialists. “Charting Your Continuous Education Path” focuses on self-assessment techniques and strategic networking. It provides tools to efficiently monitor industry shifts and proactively identify knowledge gaps.

By graduation, commercial underwriters exit with renewed conviction in their ability to propel specialized carriers forward – not despite change, but because of thoughtfully embracing it. They feel energized to help organizations pioneer next-generation solutions from a position of distinct competencies hard-won over long careers.

Revolutionizing P&C Commercial lines through Training

In an era demanding constant reinvention, our program gives commercial lines professionals a potent competitive edge. It equips underwriters to drive positive change from the frontlines through updated skills, expanded vision and confidence navigating uncertainty.


Carriers who invest in this intensive capability-building for their specialists gain a major advantage. Participating underwriters return with renewed drive to blaze new trails. They help propel bold strategies that cement an organization’s relevance for the future.


By choosing Tech Agility, P&C commercial lines giants invest in revolutionizing from within. Our specialized expertise and outcome-focused curriculum fuels higher performance today while cultivating an innovation-friendly culture primed to thrive indefinitely.


Are you ready to empower your P&C commercial lines leaders to transform the way your organization competes? Contact us today to learn more about our customized enterprise solutions. You’ll discover how our adaptive training approach can power your success for many disruptive years to come.

At TechAgility, you gain the specialized skills, experience, and support to start your P&C Domain career confidently. Enroll now and invest in your future!

P&C Domain Course Curriculum

P&C Domain Course Table of content

Session 1: Insurance Overview

Table of Content:

  1. Insurance Terminology
  2. What is Insurance
    1. Insurance as a business
    2. Insurance a a Contract
    3. Insurance as a Risk Transfer Mechanism
    4. Loss Exposures
      1. Liability Loss Exposure
      2. Property Loss Exposure
  • Personnel/Human Loss Exposure
  1. Principles of Insurance
    1. Principle of Indemnity
    2. Principle of Subrogation
    3. Principle of Contribution
    4. Principle of Utmost good faith
    5. Principle of Proximate cause
    6. Principle of Insurable Interest
  2. Type of Risk and Risk Management
    1. Pure Risk
    2. Speculative Risk
  3. Policy Admin System Overview
    1. Coverage
    2. Endorsements
    3. Risk Details
    4. Pricing
    5. Underwriting

Session 2: Workers’ Compensation Overview

Table of Content:

  1. What is Workers’ Compensation LOB
  2. Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability
  3. Coverages in WC
    1. USLH
    2. Voluntary Compensation
    3. Coal Mine Disease
    4. Emod (Experience Modification)
    5. Schedule Credit
  4. WC terminology
  5. Types of Rating
  6. Policy Navigation of WC LOB
  7. WCRB/NJCRIB ( Wisconsin Compensation and New Jearsey Rating Bureau) Walk-through
  8. NCCI
  9. Rating/Pricing of WC LOB
    1. Algorithm
    2. Rating Examples

Session 3: Commercial Auto Overview

Table of Content:

  1. What is Commercial Auto
  2. Loss Exposures in Commercial Auto
  3. Coverages in Commercial Auto
  4. Symbols
  5. Rating of Commercial Auto
  6. ISO Manual Walthrough

Session 4: Commercial Property Overview

Table of Content:

  1. What is Commercial Property Insurance
  1. Types of Commercial Property
  2. Coverages in Commercial Auto
  3. Cause of Loss
    1. Special Form
    2. Basic
    3. Broad
  4. Rating of Commercial Property
  5. COPE ( Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure)
  6. ISO Manual Walk through

Session 5: Commercial General Liability Insurance Overview

Table of Content:

  1. What is Commercial General Liability
  2. Coverages in Commercial General Liability
    1. Premises and Operation
    2. Products and Completed Operations
    3. Personal and Advertising Injury liability
    4. Medical Payments
  3. Rating of Commercial General Liability
  4. ISO Manual Walk through

Session 6: Specialty lines Insurance

  1. Introduction
  2. LOBs in Specialty
    1. Commercial Umbrella
    2. Aircraft Insurance
    3. Cyber Risk Insurance
    4. Electronic Data Protection
    5. Terrorism Insurance
  3. Endorsements
  4. Manuscript Endorsement

Key Features of P&C Domain Certification Training

Mentorship & Guidance

Our online course is led by experienced mentors who assist you throughout the training to help you upskill efficiently..

Doubt Resolutions

You can ask your questions and share doubts, during & after the live classes. All your doubts will be resolved on time & efficiently to ensure quality learning.

Engaging Classes

During the penetration testing live classes, you can unmute your system to ask questions, share opinions, and engage with the mentor & other learners.


This is a practical-oriented course where you work on essential tools, test different systems, get regular assignments, and practice the skills you learn.

Placement Assistance

We have partnerships with 100+ companies whole over the world to assist you in exploring great job opportunities. You will find tips and help in the interview preparation.

Pro Certification

At the end of the Course, you will get a professional certificate that showcases your skills and helps you explore good career opportunities.

What Our Learners Are Saying!

We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners whole over the world

Abdul Choudhury
Abdul Choudhury
Being apart of tech agility was a great experience. There is a lot to learn. The instructors were always available. Classes were neat and organized. Aumit was always available and ready to explain things in further detail. Ask in all, it was a great experience with tech agility.
Tahura Zm
Tahura Zm
My experience with techagility is great ! Aumit and his team are Amazing. Aumit is such a humble person, he is always available for any question, concern or help. he explains everything in details give you real life example which makes things easier and you can understand better, he wants you to learn actual BA stuffs so you know what you are doing which is helpful while you facing interviews or talking to your recruiter, that will also help while you working as a BA, I learned a lot from tech agility. If someone is thinking to change career path techagility is the best option. Highly recommended !! But remember Aumit gives his effort so you get a job but you need to give your effort and dedication and here you will be with your dream job !
Jarin Fariha
Jarin Fariha
I am so exited to share my experience here after completing the three months session with Techagility.It feels like an actual care as they will keep you on track from the begetting to end. Amit will make sure that everyone understanding the topic in the class by reaching out each student personally. Every next class will start with an wonderful review of the previous class topic. I also found the group chat so helpful as the teachers will make sure that the students are doing good with their assignments or if they have any questions about the homework. This is so amazing how all topics are breakdowns elaborately for better understanding. You also have a chance to go over the classes as each sessions are recorded Honestly, I am So glad that I choose Techagility.
Nahid Islam
Nahid Islam
My experience with techagility was really amazing, everything they have taught me was very organized in a way I could understand what a business analyst does, if I have any questions to ask they are always there to answer my questions no matter what and all the instructors were always there for me when I didn’t understand something. I highly recommend anyone who want to change their life, start enrolling now at techagility.☺️👍
Nasim Miah
Nasim Miah
TechAgility provides a remarkable learning experience to prep and train you into a brand new field. The instructors are very knowledgeable and instill confidence when they teach during their lectures. They are also available to chat with at all times if you need help with understanding the material. Also, you will have access to all power-point presentations, notes and any course related material for you to look back on. The course comes with a variety of packages that suit your needs. You can elect into a Fast Track package or a 4 month package. TechAgility is also very flexible with your schedule and also provide great payment plans and options. Dont waste your time dealing with other agencies who dont have your interest in mind! TechAgility and their associates made sure that i was ready and confident enough to pursue a new career path. Thank you, and i look forward to many more success stories.
Halima Choudhury
Halima Choudhury
My experience with Tech agility was amazing. Everything was organized, detail oriented and understandable. Aumit is a very thoughtful instructor who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful and he takes time to explain and make sure that you understand and also asked questions, and if you don’t understand he uses examples to make sure that you get it. His way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember.I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning BA from Tech Agility.
Charlie Donohue
Charlie Donohue
Aumit was awesome, definitely recommend these guys. Everyone was super helpful and understanding, can’t thank them enough!
Tasmia Hoque
Tasmia Hoque
Techagility has great instructors and they are very hands on. Yogesh and Aumit were great. They explained everything very clearly and if you don’t understand they go over with you until you get it. They are also flexible with payment methods. They will help you from the start to end. Highly recommend Techagility.
Jobayer Khan Uday
Jobayer Khan Uday
That's one of the best school that I can say. Aumit and the whole team do a lot for each and everyone. They don't only make promises but also try to keep their words. They are a combination of dedication and hard work which helps their students to succeed on that field. I highly recommend them.
Munsif Ali
Munsif Ali
Aumit Islam was the best instructor ever and he made this experience so easy and smooth, the course alongside the recruitment team were well on top of their work and all questions were always answered right away. easy to understand the material and Homeworks were based on the workforce so it all aligned very well. I want to thank Aumit Islam and Techagility LLC from the bottom of my heart than you

Online P&C Domain Training FAQs

What are the core benefits of this program?

The core benefits include sharpening both technical and “soft” skills to navigate industry changes, gaining hands-on experience applying data analytics and exploring innovative solutions, building confidence to lead organizational transformation, and strengthening specialized expertise while fostering adaptability.

How do you keep the content and lessons up-to-date with the latest industry shifts?

We have an advisory board comprised of thought leaders from top commercial carriers who provide ongoing input on emerging trends and skill gaps. Additionally, our instructors regularly network within the industry to stay ahead of the curve. The curriculum is reviewed quarterly and enhanced based on advisory board recommendations as well as participant and client feedback.

What types of careers or roles is this training best suited for?

Our program is highly relevant for specialists in underwriting, risk assessment, client relationship management and analytics roles within commercial P&C organizations. It’s particularly well-suited for those focused on specialized lines like property, liability, marine or energy. The adaptive skills are also transferable for those seeking to move into emerging roles centered around digital strategies, innovation initiatives or other transformational projects.

Does the training provide any certifications?

Yes, upon completion participants receive a Certified Specialized Property & Casualty Underwriter (CSPCU) designation. This is a globally recognized credential that demonstrates mastery of both technical skills and adaptive abilities required for long-term success in commercial P&C roles.

How do you accommodate different schedules and time zones?

The program is entirely online and self-paced within a given month. Learning modules, projects and mentoring sessions are accessible anytime.

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