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About US

We are one of the leading IT training companies providing accessible education for aspiring technology professionals.

Our Mission

Since the beginning of Techagility LLC, the mission has always been transparent: to be distinctive from other IT firms and stick to our principles to do right in what they do wrong. Our mission is to do everything other IT firms still need to deliver for their clients. We have our processes of ensuring everyone gets to their destination whenever they come to our IT firm, and trust us to get them to the promised land of the IT sector! Join us and see the difference in our innovation compared to our competitors!

Word From Our CEO & Founder

Organically driven by a desire to help others, my inspiration began while onboarding a flight from Miami, FL, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. My inquisitive personality began to ponder the next move while I clasped my aluminum Pepsi-Cola can and heard the ice hissing inside the drink, creating bubbles. Hovering excitedly, I began to laugh and convey my idea to a friend about Techagility, “I want to create an IT consulting firm where I can help teach people IT skills and fast-track a career in IT”! Fueled with dedication in my heart and success in my mind, I have never looked back and kept consistently working towards one goal to bring Techagility LLC to life. I have created a blueprint formula for 100% Job Placement trusted by 50+ Technology IT-Companies and helped more than 125+ prospective students gain an opportunity to land a career in the convoluted world of the IT sector. Now, we have branched to Canadian Students, so people from all over the states reach out to us to access that same dream I had envisioned for my future clients and Techagility itself.


Aumit Islam

Founder & CEO, Techagility LLC

Our Beginner-Focused IT Courses

We understand that the world of information technology can seem daunting to newcomers. That’s why our courses are designed specifically for beginners, with no prior experience needed.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or gain skills to advance in your current role, our interactive programs will prepare you for in-demand jobs. We offer live online and self-paced

IT courses for beginners in areas like:

Expert Instructors with Experience

Our experienced instructors are what set us apart from other IT training companies. They have years of industry experience and know how to break down complex topics for true beginners.

Through hands-on learning and collaborative projects, you’ll gain job-ready skills. Our teachers are invested in your success and provide 1-on-1 mentoring throughout each course.

Flexible, Affordable Pricing

We believe quality IT education should be accessible to all. That’s why our prices are lower than many coding bootcamps and colleges.

Whether you choose live online or self-paced, our flexible options fit within every budget and schedule. Self-paced allows you to learn anywhere, anytime to accommodate work or family needs.

Join Our Supportive Community

As one of the top IT training companies, we’ve built an engaging community of over 150,000 learners and growing. You’ll connect with like-minded professionals for peer support, collaboration, and accountability.

Our user-friendly online platform makes learning interactive. Follow along with projects and concepts through videos, demos, chat forums, and more.

Start Your IT Journey Today

Begin your technology career transformation with TechAgility! Our proven programs have launched thousands of careers for IT beginners.

Browse our courses and schedules to get started today. You’ll gain both the hard and soft skills needed to excel in the dynamic IT sector.

We can’t wait to help you turn your tech passion into a fulfilling, rewarding career.

Techagility in Numbers

Our learner community’s unwavering trust and confidence continue to propel our success story forward.

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