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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of IT courses do you offer?

We offer courses in business analysis, QA automation engineering, coding bootcamps for kids, and more. Our programs teach in-demand skills like Selenium, Python, Java, HTML/CSS, and more.

What is the difference between your live online and self-paced courses?

Live online courses connect you with an instructor in real-time for interactive learning. Self-paced allows you to learn at your own pace by accessing prerecorded material.

Do I need any prior experience to take your courses?

No prior experience is required! Our courses are designed for beginners looking to start a career in IT.

How long are your programs?

Most of our courses are 4-6 months long. Our kids coding bootcamp is 4 months.

Are your courses affordable?

Yes, our tuition rates are lower than many bootcamps and colleges. We make quality IT education accessible.

Will I get mentoring and support?

Yes, all our courses include 1-on-1 mentorship from experienced instructors. We’re here to help you succeed.

Do you help with job placement?

We provide interview prep, resume building assistance, and internship opportunities to help you land your first IT job.

Can I take your courses outside of New York City?

Yes, our live online courses can be taken remotely from anywhere! Self-paced programs are also accessible globally.

How much coding experience do I need for your kids bootcamp?

No prior experience is required! The bootcamp introduces programming basics in a beginner-friendly environment.

What is the class schedule for live online courses?

Schedules vary by program, but generally courses meet 1-3 times per week for 2-3 hours. Contact us for specific details.

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