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IT Jobs in Colorado Springs: Exploring the Peak of IT Careers

it jobs in colorado springs

Are you looking to reach new heights in your IT career? Do you want a thriving tech hub with high-paying jobs and an unbeatable lifestyle? Then, welcome to the peak of opportunities in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs has emerged as a hotbed for information technology jobs Colorado Springs and careers. Known as the “Peak of IT,” the city offers a thriving tech industry fueled by the presence of major military installations, tech companies, startups, and educational institutions.

This article explores the top opportunities, employers, salaries, and advantages of pursuing an IT jobs in Colorado Springs.


A Booming Tech Hub in the Rocky Mountains

Historically known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities, Colorado Springs has transformed into a diverse economic center and a top destination for high-tech careers. Several key factors have contributed to the city’s growth into an IT hub:

  • Home to major military complexes, including Peterson Space Force Base, Schriever Space Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station, and the United States Air Force Academy. These installations bring in billions of dollars in federal contracts and employ thousands of civilians in technical roles.
  • Attracts and retains top technology companies like Atlassian, Honeywell, Oracle, Verizon, and startups, leveraging the city’s high-skilled talent pool.
  • High concentration of IT workers per capita due to the thriving tech industry.
  • Centrally located in Colorado with easy access to Denver and Boulder, expanding employment opportunities.
  • Low cost of living compared to other major metro areas.
  • The mild, sunny climate and proximity to outdoor recreation make it an appealing destination.

With IT jobs projected to increase steadily, IT jobs in Colorado Springs offers exciting potential at the peak of the Rocky Mountains.


Top IT Sectors and Leading Employers

Several IT sectors are driving IT jobs in Colorado Springs:


  • The strong military presence creates a major demand for cybersecurity experts to protect critical systems and infrastructure. There are open roles across cybersecurity, including analysts, engineers, compliance, and cloud security.
  • Top employers include Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and the National Security Agency Cryptologic Center (NSA).

Software Development

  • Major tech companies have development centers for IT jobs in Colorado Springs developing software for defense systems, aerospace, telecom, and consumer applications.
  • Leading software engineering employers are Oracle, Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS), Atlassian, Honeywell, and startups like FeedMyData, OrderLogic, and Strava.

IT Project Management

  • Complex IT and defense projects require seasoned project managers to oversee planning, development, deployment, and governance.
  • Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Colorado Springs Utilities, and smaller IT firms recruit project managers.

Network Engineering

  • The city’s large military complexes and enterprises need network engineers to design, configure, and maintain connectivity.
  • Cisco, F5 Networks, CenturyLink, school districts, and healthcare networks hire network engineers.

Data Science

  • With cutting-edge space research and defense technology, organizations need data scientists to derive insights from vast datasets.
  • Leading data science employers include DigitalGlobe, Red Leg, Applied Research Associates (ARA), and startups like
colorado springs

Lucrative Salaries for Qualified Candidates

The high demand for technical talent also brings strong salaries for IT jobs in Colorado Springs compared to national averages:

  • Cybersecurity: $99,800 average salary
  • Software Engineering: $108,300 average salary
  • IT Project Management: $94,500 average salary
  • Network Engineering: $76,900 average salary
  • Data Science: $95,300 average salary

Higher salaries go to candidates with security clearances, specialized technical skills, and top credentials like CISSP, PMP, AWS Certifications, Cisco certs, and master’s degrees.


Unbeatable Lifestyle and Business Advantages

Beyond the career opportunities, IT jobs in Colorado Springs also offers a great quality of life and low costs that make it appealing for tech professionals:


  • Three hundred days of sunshine yearly with a dry and mild climate perfect for outdoor activities. Proximity to hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more.
  • Short commutes and less traffic congestion than larger cities. Easy access to Denver International Airport.
  • Lower cost of living compared to the national average with affordable housing. Ranked in the top 10% of US cities for purchasing power
  • Business-friendly tax structure and incentives for companies. One of the nation’s fastest-growing economies.
  • Family-friendly environment with top-rated school districts. Safe neighborhoods and communities.


The combination of a thriving technology sector and a great lifestyle makes Colorado Springs a go-to destination for advancing an IT career while enjoying everything the area has to offer.


Getting Started in the Peak of IT Careers

For those looking to tap into the region’s expanding opportunities, here are some tips for launching or growing for IT jobs in Colorado Springs:


  • Research the top employers and roles to match your interests and experience. Cybersecurity, software development, project management, network engineering, and data science currently have high demand.
  • Obtain the necessary degree, certifications, and credentials sought by employers. Many prefer and sometimes require bachelor’s or master’s degrees in technology, specialized certifications, and security clearances.
  • Build up your tech skills and keep up with the latest through coursework, online training, and hands-on experience. Develop expertise that makes you stand out.
  • Optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems by including relevant keywords and highlighting related accomplishments.
  • Tap into the local IT community by attending technology events, joining professional associations, and networking to make connections.
  • Check listings from top employers and recruiting firms to find openings that are a good fit. Be persistent, and keep applying.
  • Highlight your passion for technology and interest in Colorado’s lifestyle and community when interviewing.


The forecast looks bright for IT professionals who seize the opportunities blossoming for IT jobs in Colorado Springs. Let the peak of promising Colorado Springs tech careers guide you to new heights.

Conclusion: Launch Your Career Where Tech Meets Adventure

For IT workers, Colorado Springs offers countless opportunities due to its vibrant network of government agencies, commercial businesses, startups, and academic institutions. Growing a technological career while taking advantage of all that the Rocky Mountain region has to offer is made possible by the high-paying jobs, low cost of living, stunning landscape, and outdoor lifestyle that this place offers.

Information technology jobs Colorado Springs

For those looking to reach new heights in IT without the congestion and costs of larger cities, joining the peak of opportunities as IT jobs in Colorado Springs can offer the perfect career climb.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a technical degree to get an IT jobs in Colorado Springs?

In many cases, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, cybersecurity, or a related field is required or preferred by employers. Industry certifications like the CISSP or PMP can also be beneficial. Relevant experience is valued.

How can I find the latest IT job openings in Colorado Springs?

Search listings on top employer websites, check job boards like Indeed and Monster, leverage sites like LinkedIn and local networking groups, and work with specialized IT recruiting firms to find current openings matching your skills and interests.

What types of IT jobs are in highest demand?

Some of the hottest IT fields in Colorado Springs right now are cybersecurity, software development, IT project management, network engineering, and data science. There is strong demand from the military, defense contractors, enterprises, and startups.

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